Screening and Party for Co Spring/Summer 2012 | 24 Hour Party People

Last night, I went to Screening and Party fo Co Spring/Summer 2011. I rushed there from Ace Hotel after finished djing, but the screening itself was in very relaxed atmosphere and I had a wonderful time hanging out on a terrace at the Standard 3rd floor. There weren’t any music but actually I enjoyed it so much. The place is so unlike NYC and the swing chairs they had is my favorite. Of course, the screening room is also very nice too. My friend is planing a screening there soon, so looking forward to visiting there again!


Screening and Party for Co Spring/Summer 2012 | 24 Hour Party People.

Fashion Girls for Japan | day 2

Yesterday was the second day of the Sample Sale “Fashion Girls for Japan”.

I had an allergy, stomachache and wasn’t feeling well, but I felt good as soon as I arrived at the Bowery Hotel. It was a sunny day and people were smiling and enjoying shopping.  It was also nice to see so many Japanese working together to do something in New York City; I especially admire the organizers who put this thing together.

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Fashion Girls for Japan at the Bowery Hotel

Today, I djed for a Japan benefit Sample sale | FASHION GIRL FOR JAPAN.

I came early to set up the music equipments, but I was amazed how everyone worked so hard in this event. Even Stella Ishii, founder of the News Showroom, was working tirelessly, I felt I needed I should carry something while I was djing.

It was very nice experience to see Fashion girls doing what they do the best to help Japan. It was also nice to listen my soccer buddy Go Kiryu’s great dj set and listen Alex from Tokyo’s fluent Japanese—his Japanese was better than Shin’s…

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Debut the BEKKO! | Project

As a Japanese living in NYC, I don’t know what I can do to help the people suffering in Japan.  But Shoko Tagaya started this project to raise a money for donation. It might be a tiny thing, but I think it’s nice to raise the awareness in everyday life and putting some effort using what you are good at.

The Bekko Candy seems delicious and cute, so please try one and donate if you find one.

Shoko will be selling these tonight at Don Hill’s Dropout party too!!

Debut the BEKKO! | Project.

My old beat and Shing02’s performance.

This is my Old beat.  I  made this track when I was in Santa Monica, and my friend Kendall rap on top of it.

I saw and listend to Shing02’s live performance and interviews, and he reminded me of the great time I had while I was in Santa Monica trying to create a good beat all night long.

It’s a little bit different in NYC since so many things going on here everyday.  Though, I want to keep searching for myself and creating something original.
Anyways, big respect for all the artist who influences others and gives special atmosphere that make others to think about.


Maschine & Sound

I bought Maschine from Native Instruments.  I have been using many software drum machines& samplers after I sold my MV-8000—and after all, I feel like I found a right one for me.  Its great to easily stuck my sounds in one application & sequence it as a step sequencer and MPC style.  I like the fact that Maschine have scene, pattern& gruops at the same time.  So far, this is the quickest way for me to make beats and store it in very organized way.

I am beginning to like many of Native Instrument’s instruments so far.

Btw, I found a funny photo from a night at Stay; I like people who love music.