DOYO – Saturday at Maison O / Stardust Lounge

Maison O Stardust Lounge

Tonight, I will dj at Maison O. Maison O
Stardust Lounge

Tonight, I will dj at Maison O downstairs Stardust Lounge.

I had such a great memories with former Kenmare so very looking forward to playing tonight. With Karaoke and Japanese theme, it will be a fun interesting night!!





Obon Festival After Party @ Boy Studio

Obon festival after party at Boy Studio with Keiichiro Nakajima Eiko hara ansoni New York-Tokyo 24 Hour Party PeopleThis Thursday, we will have a Obon Festival After Party at Ansoni’s new studio in Tribeca. I will dj with my favorite Japanese djs in NY, Ansoni and Eiko Hara, so it will be a fun night! Sponsored by Sapporo and hosted by New York – Tokyo and  24 Hour Party People.

RSVP and more info here;

Debut the BEKKO! | Project

As a Japanese living in NYC, I don’t know what I can do to help the people suffering in Japan.  But Shoko Tagaya started this project to raise a money for donation. It might be a tiny thing, but I think it’s nice to raise the awareness in everyday life and putting some effort using what you are good at.

The Bekko Candy seems delicious and cute, so please try one and donate if you find one.

Shoko will be selling these tonight at Don Hill’s Dropout party too!!

Debut the BEKKO! | Project.

New single: Dream of White Nights (dj Keiichiro Club Mix)

New Original Single Release from dj Keiichiro: Keiichiro Nakajima.

Used Mainly Access TI, Minimoog V2, and Maschine with Pro Tools.

Hope you enjoy it!!

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